The debut children's book from co-authors Ivan Solomon and Micah Groberman. Illustrations by Ivan. Photography by Micah. Words, story and rhymes by Ivan and Micah. Fun for all ages, and parents too!


Mila and her younger brother Evan are getting ready for bed and about to choose a bedtime story from their bookshelf. BUT WAIT! The bookshelf is EMPTY! Not one book in sight! Had they simply vanished? Were they stolen? Who could have done this? Was it the reclusive raccoon, the sneaky snake or could it be the grumpy grizzly bear?


Join Mila, Evan and the new friends they make as they set out on an adventure through enchanted forests, over icy mountains and across moonlit lakes to track down the Book Bandit and solve the Mystery of the Missing Books! Don't forget to find the hidden spider on each page :)


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The Book Bandit - Children's Book